Bill Whittle: The Feckless Right & Imploding Media

Bill Whittle returns to Whiskey Politics with Dave Sussman to discuss how the hard Left is continuing to ruin loved movies and television franchises, why Republicans didn’t pass immigration and health care reform in Trumps first two years, and much more, from the studios.

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  1. Jim Wright Coolidge

    A comment in partial defense of the Orville and its “far left” bent. While there is certainly some of that, it is less “woke” than Star Trek Discovery – a series it would be nearly impossible to out-Woke.

    One of the Orivlle’s series regulars, Bortus, is a Moclan – an all-male species that bears many outward similarities to TNG-era Klingons. Lots of prosthetics, Barry White voices, no sense of humor. He can eat darn near anything, and urinates once a year. He’s married, and they have a child early on (hatching an egg). His species is, largely, played for laughs.

    But here’s where things get interesting. 

    When the child is born, it’s…a girl. This isn’t uncommon. The all-male Moclan culture has a procedure in place for such occasions: mandatory sex reassignment. Bortus isn’t okay with this. His spouse, who was also born female and underwent the change, insists. They resort to a trial on their home planet, which goes against Bortus. The sex change proceeds, but it’s an unsatisfying outcome; the episode had us rooting for Bortus. His marriage hasn’t been the same since.

    For all the mono-sex culture claims, his spouse is a stereotypical Sitcom Female. Right down to ice cream and sad movies when depressed.

    By late-twenty-teen standards, Orville is downright regressive. They had a (slightly) more sympathetic treatment of religion in season one than a later society with secular superstitions (consigning everyone born in one astrological month in concentration camps). In one “advanced” society, academics are cutthroat snobs and anti-vaxxers are murderous psychopaths. The Union claims to run on a meritocratic reputation economy, but they satirized the upvote/downvote social media reputation society as ruthlessly as Black Mirror.

    I wouldn’t call it conservative, but it feels more libertarian than anything.

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    • February 4, 2019, at 3:55 PM PST
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