It was one thing when people argued over ventilators and lockdowns. But naturally, a culture war had to arise out of the coronavirus, and wearing masks is it. Who should wear them and when? Should the government mandate it and for how long? Also, is it right to shame people who choose not to wear one?

Links to the stories Park mentions:

The Fish Rots From The Head and The Herd Immunity Taboo

Twitter decided to fact check two of President Trump’s tweets and it did not go very well for them. That, of course, brought denunciation from Republicans and Trump supporters as well as calls to end the protections social media companies enjoy under the Section 230 provision of the Communications Decency Act.

Finally, a little baseball talk and whether or not the owners and players will come to an agreement to play an 82-game season.

Also, a preview of next week’s magazine!



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  1. RebeccaCoffey Thatcher

    In regard to the reasoning advanced for the “do no harm to others” argument for seatbelts, I believe it was originally the same as for helmets for motorcyclists. The only case I remember hearing at the time was to reduce medical costs. 

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