Called ‘The Architect’ by former President George W. Bush, Karl Rove led Bush to victories in 2000 and the last GOP presidential win in 2004 that secured the popular and electoral vote.

Rove goes in-depth on how Texas Republicans did so well in 2020, and where the GOP needs to start winning hearts and minds again to win elections. Rove also takes aim at Steve Bannon, QAnon, Oathkeepers, and others he says have no place in the Republican Party.

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Published in: Elections, Politics

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  1. Front Seat Cat Member
    Front Seat Cat

    Karl Rove appeared at a Barnes & Noble book signing in Destin, FL years ago. I bought his book “Courage & Consequence – My Life as a Conservative in the Fight”. I wanted him to sign it, so I went on my lunch break from work. When I arrived, there were lines up and down every aisle and gobs of people spilling in. I stood in line, but had to leave. There were many Tea Party people in line, military, etc. One Tea Party member offered to take my book and have it signed. They would leave it at the front desk for me. I retrieved it that weekend, and it was signed to Linda, “W”‘s biggest fan – Karl Rove.  You see, I left a note to say that I was his biggest fan, and wanted him to sign it “Bush’s brain”. That’s what he was known as, along with The Architect.  There was a note that said he commented that he was not Bush’s brain – Bush had his own brain, and left the nice message.

    As I listen today to this podcast, things have changed beyond belief. I greatly admired Bush and his administration for their leadership after the tragedy on 9/11. Bush was also my first Republican vote. I used to be a die-hard liberal. So as I left the book store, I wanted to catch a glimpse of Rove, as he was also a “soldier on the front lines” of those dark days against Islamic terror. Bush pulled no punches and while not perfect, thank God Gore was not at the helm, except an armed cop pushed me back. I was near the exit.  No one was allowed to get anywhere near Rove. You had to have his book in hand and it was carefully screened – no bags or totes.  On that book tour, there were threats. Code Pink protested his book appearances in California.

    Fast forward to today. I agree there are awful extremists on both sides and have no place in either political party. They’ll always be there. But I must say that while Rove still contributes, like on Fox News with his whiteboards, it’s not the era of Bush anymore. He talks on this podcast about limited campaign contributions and they should be bigger. Has he read the Time story by Molly Ball on the Democrat’s secret campaign to win 2020? Enormous dark money flooded in.

    Liz Cheney’s recent comments about Trump made me sick. “W”‘s comments at the Biden Inaugural to the Democratic GA Senator who won, that “he saved the country”, made me sick. Our country is unrecognizable – Marxism and the very least, socialism has taken hold. We will not win anything or gain back the US , based on the rule of law and The Constitution, until we realize as a unified Party, what is at stake, and taking hold of the world.  It will make radical Islam look like the good ol’ days.

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  2. mildlyo Member

    Yeah, yeah. “Straw men to the right of me. Straw men to the left of me. Straw men avast and straw men yonder. And by the way… even back when we were in charge, the establishment didn’t exist.”

    Heard it all before.

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