There is an in-depth discussion this week covering three issues that broke just this week

First, the guys talk about the SCOTUS Bostock decision regarding Title VII of The Civil Rights Act, Neil Gorsuch’s majority opinion, and whether or not it was the court writing legislation instead of interpreting the law.

Also, Josh Hawley’s fiery Senate floor speech is covered and whether or not he’s right about the so-called “bargain” that religious conservatives have with the “establishment” of the Republican Party.

Finally, a discussion about the NBC/Google and their tussle with The Federalist over their comments section that brought about condemnation from all around as well as resurrecting the debate over Section 230.

And finally, a brief preview of next week’s magazine!

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  1. Hank Rhody, Badgeless Bandito Contributor
    Hank Rhody, Badgeless Bandito

    Could you please explain to me what worse opinion Gorsuch may have been avoiding by writing the opinion? Supposing one of the leftists on the court wrote the opinion we’d have an incorrect ruling by a leftist. If Gorsuch writes the opinion, we still have an incorrect ruling, but in this case we’re also compromising one of ‘our’ justices. 

    Obama didn’t have to act on DACA because Congress didn’t act; Obama was prevented from acting on DACA because congress didn’t act. The fact that he did act regardless was blatantly unconstitutional.

    The fact that the Supreme Court Justices would have been going to the putative cockail parties for the entirety of their career up until this point argues more strongly towards social pressure making them compromise their principles. Ostracism is a powerful thing.

    I’d be much more sympathetic to the notion that Trump should be blamed for nominating Gorsuch if Bush, Bush or Reagan had a solid track record of nominating justices that were reliably conservative.

    I think I’ll leave off here.

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