Bob Woodward’s book, Rage, comes out next week. With the release of some snippets come the revelation of Trump admitting to Woodward he played down the coronavirus to stave off a panic. Does that excuse fly? And what of the criticisms of Woodward that if he knew about all of this, why not release it sooner instead of waiting for the book to come out?

Grant, Jay, Park, and Seth discuss all of that in addition to the continued Phase 2 “reopening” of Washington D.C., the return of the NFL, and the weekly picks from the latest issue of the Washington Examiner magazine!

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Published in: Elections, Journalism, Politics

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  1. Joshua Bissey Inactive
    Joshua Bissey

    Is the “downplaying” stuff anything Trump hasn’t already talked about, months ago?

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  2. DrewInWisconsin, Man of Constant Sorrow Member
    DrewInWisconsin, Man of Constant Sorrow

    Joshua Bissey (View Comment):

    Is the “downplaying” stuff anything Trump hasn’t already talked about, months ago?

    No. It’s “old news.” But we need daily Orange Man Bad until election day.

    While the media (and these talking heads) are focusing on the President “downplaying” (or as I like to think, staying positive at a time when people are prone to panic), perhaps the more interesting part of the book is what we learn about Gen. Mattis talking of staging a military coup.

    Isn’t that more interesting?

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