** Note that at the 10:33 mark we had some technical difficulties noted with a record scratch and we began recording again as best we could where we left off

In the wake of the protests over the death of George Floyd, a “Defund The Police” movement has emerged. Some argue it doesn’t really mean to defund but others are buying into the idea of getting rid of police departments as if it will be a net positive. The guys discuss issues surrounding it.

Corporations went in on the Black Lives Matter movement, sending out emails and highlighting support on their web pages but does it really mean anything? Or is it just signaling to younger consumers as a means of avoiding any backlash?

Finally, the discussion revolves around the New York Times and their decision to force the resignation of Editorial Page Editor James Bennett because the opinion section featured an essay from Senator Tom Cotton who advocated President Trump utilize the Insurrection Act to send military troops to states where governors refused to call up the National Guard to quell violence and looting among the Floyd protests.

And finally, a preview of the latest issue of the magazine!


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