Andy Levy, American commentator and humorist, is a former panelist on S.E. Cupp’s Unfiltered and Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. He drops in for a conversation with Bridget about why Twitter is like Soylent Green, hanging out in LA waiting to be discovered, Bridget’s secret desire to knock popcorn out of people’s hands at the movies, their shared dream of becoming private island owners, and what to do if you’re having a bad drug trip. They discuss why Andy would make a great serial killer, why men roll their eyes when it comes to astrology, and why therapy is great for people who don’t like talking about themselves. Bridget gives Andy some career advice and suggests WWOOFing on a horse farm in New Zealand, Andy analyzes Bridget’s vision board and marvels at the 5 year old child that lives inside her who she’s constantly struggling to keep in check.

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  1. mildlyo Member

    Poor Andy, from RedEye to this.

    Favorite point: when Bridget was talking about the thing she was good at, there was a moment of total silence as Andy made the  obvious assumption, then she had to correct him.

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