Bridget and Jeren sit down to discuss their recent trip to South Africa. They discuss traveling during Covid, the importance of leaving the United States on a regular basis, what you learn when you travel internationally, their families’ attitudes towards traveling growing up, and their adventures in the wildlife parks they visited. They also get into the differences for traveling between men and women, an emotional helicopter ride, saving the rhinos, and trying to devise ways to protect themselves in the event of a lion attack.

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  1. Architectus Coolidge

    Thanks for the Travel Log of your African adventure!  My wife and I chose South Africa for our honeymoon two years ago, and it was one of the best experiences of our lives.  From Johannesburg, to several safaris in Kruger National Park (including a flat tire in the bush), to time in and around Cape Town and the countryside, it was an amazing getaway.  Just to make it even more awesome, we bracketed that trip with a one day layover in London on the way over, and a one and a half day layover in Vienna, Austria on the way back.  Culture overload!

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