Thomas Chatterton Williams (Losing My Cool, Self-Portrait In Black and White) talks with Bridget from France and discusses the view of America from another country, the European response to Covid-19 vs. the US’s, and why the Unites States plays a central role in the imagination of the whole world. Thomas explains how he wound up “accidentally” writing a memoir about the difference between the black culture his dad grew up in from the one he grew up in, America’s historic attitude about race, and how his having his daughter who “looks like a Swedish child” led him to reassess what he’d previously written and his thoughts about the “construct” of race. He and Bridget cover why the hyper focus on racial difference is not the way to get past our divisions, the narcissism in the idea that whiteness in itself is responsible for all that’s wrong, why emigrating to another country was the hardest thing he’s ever done, and what he misses most about America.

Full transcript available here: WiW88-ThomasChattertonWilliams-Transcript

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  1. Basil Fawlty Member
    Basil Fawlty

    Is the “Explicit” tag a good thing or a bad thing?

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  2. PhilipDanielson Inactive

    First time to listen to you. Great interview. 

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  3. TerryS Inactive

    Very revealing interview. Williams’ vakues are bourgeois, neither black nor white. I thought that Williams revealed a lot when he explained the difference between black and white as social & family capital. Every black family has one member in trouble, Williams says, while every white family includes at least one one wealthy member. Immense wealth is passed along with an inherited home.

    But I am as white as the driven snow, and I knew several family members, cousins, in deep trouble. In jail or alcoholics, or married, a mother, and divorced by age nineteen. I have no wealthy relatives. As for an inherited house as family wealth, that only works with a small family (bourgeois values again), and if the home increases in value, and if the parents do not lose the home in divorce.

    Williams says that living abroad is the most important life experience a young person can acquire. Living abroad is for the children of the wealthy. Perhaps that is how they spend their “gap year”?

    I would have said experience as a worker. If you can pay your bills, on your own, with your own labor, you are an independent human being. Not sure what value you get from living abroad. 

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  4. Aaron Miller Inactive
    Aaron Miller

    Interesting, until about halfway when he slips into leftist claptrap.

    The GOP is the party of racism? Many national Republican representatives are black or hispanic. Herman Cain was a popular Republican presidential candidate. Condoleezza Rice was Bush’s Secretary of State and remains a popular guest on conservative shows. Thomas Sowell is among the most respected thinkers on the right.

    The DNC is explicitly racist. Y’all complain about how teaching kids to identify foremost as white is detrimental. I grew up during the height of Affirmative Action — that’s precisely what it does. It segregates and forces focus on ethnicity, exactly contrary to MLK’s preaching.

    It was Democrats who pitched Barack Obama as a token black candidate without any care for specific policy proposals or his political record. Millions of people voted for “the black man” because any black would do… provided he was a Democrat.

    As for “climate change”, why do you suppose the term was changed from “global warming”? Could it be because, contrary to the scientific method of testible theories, none of the predictions about detrimental global warming — let alone catastrophic global warming — came true? If warming is the concern, say “global warming”. If either warming or cooling can be a sign of pending catastrophe, then anything could be claimed as “proof” and you are simply being dishonest.

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  5. Aaron Miller Inactive
    Aaron Miller

    Regarding Trump, I think you have identified the primary problem. Policy-wise, his term is not greatly different from that of previous Republicans, except in an arguable effort to reduce the influence of executive agencies (contrary to the wannabe dictator narrative). But his oafish rhetoric has encouraged people to be crude and antagonistic. 

    America needs more blunt, straightforward speech. Conservatives and Republicans need encouragement to be bold and combative while Democrats attempt to bully us into silence and submission. But that can be done intelligently and with consideration. Tribalism and schadenfreude should not be encouraged.

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