Tori Perrotti, aka “Target Tori,” talks with Bridget about her experience going viral, cyber-bullying, cancel culture, and the amazing positive support she received that inspired her to found the Pause. Be Kind platform. They discuss what they’ve each learned in the service industry, being an only child vs. the oldest of five, trade stories about being bullied in high school and how those experiences shaped them, and notice why it’s so hard to think of others in any given situation. Tori shares her desire to take what happened to her and use the opportunity to create something bigger, to spread a positive message, and to do something that would make her feel more fulfilled and contribute to society. It’s a refreshing and uplifting conversation in the midst of these darkly cynical times.

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  1. Bryan McAllister Lincoln
    Bryan McAllister

    I’m getting caught up on Walk-ins Welcome, and am glad to have heard this podcast.  Another great conversation hosted by Bridget.  In fact, the themes discussed and experiences relayed about ‘Target’ Tori struck me, such that I invited my two teenage daughters who work in fast-food to listen.  Tori’s grace under pressure and desire to leverage a tough life experience which unlocked some financial reward towards the benefit of others – and ESPECIALLY to focus on forgiveness and mercy for those we run into who wrong us – is powerful stuff.  These are ingredients for helping society step up to be able to handle the freedoms which our Founding Fathers sought to preserve for this country.  We cannot legislate morality, and therefore must find other mechanisms and opportunities to persuade each other of the value to have patience, long suffering, and pure love towards one another towards bolstering and buttressing cohesion of society, and a true sense of community.  Target Tori’s efforts appear to be constructively focused on creating and fostering just such influences within our society.  Great stuff!  Inspiring! 

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