Story Hour with Bridget Phetasy is a segment where Bridget reminisces with cousin Maggie and tells stories explaining who she is and how she got here. Full transcript available here: WiW27-StoryHour3-Transcript

This story hour comes as a result of several requests. Bridget covers her history with the restaurant industry – across the country, in small towns and big cities. Find out why being a hostess isn’t as easy as one might think, why you should never go out to eat when you’re starving, and why Bridget loved being a busser (hint: you don’t have to talk to the customers). Tales told also include, losing her virginity to someone inappropriate, her brilliant strategy for skipping school and how it all came crashing down, which famous singer grabbed her ass at Sundance, and Bridget’s secret true passion in life.

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  1. Archie Campbell Member
    Archie Campbell

    @bridgetphetasy, you are rapidly becoming my favorite Brazilian podcaster. I’ve listened to parts 1 and 2 of Story Hour, and one of the things that sticks out to me about your life during this time is how exhausting it sounds.  The fact that you could be so hard-charging and an addict fascinates me.  Sure, I had more energy when I was younger, but for me it would’ve been either do all of those things you talked about* or have addictions, but not both. Plus you had some pretty serious traumas and health problems during those years as well. How much of your addiction do you think was an unhealthy way of just burning off excess energy? Or is that the wrong way to think about it?

    Also, if you’ve read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on his portrayal and meditation on addiction and A.A. If you’ve already had that podcast or written about it, I’d appreciate it if you could point me to it.


    *Or more like a tenth of ’em.

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