Rachel “Wolfie” Wolfson, comedian, writer, producer, and advocate for cannabis, sits down with Bridget to discuss her disdain for bitcoin, their shared desire to do VR stand-up shows, and why she believes colleges are like engagement rings – expensive and unnecessary. They cover everything from why machines will eventually wipe out humans because of our extreme inefficiency, to a belief that mental health will be the biggest problem this country faces in the near future, to the fact that the dangers of weed should be taught the same way as the dangers of alcohol, to what it takes to create change in the world and in society. Rachel is an advocate for cannabis, but doesn’t necessarily recommend it for everyone and believes that having a healthy relationship with weed requires approaching it as a medicine first. Meanwhile, Bridget hopes she’ll live long enough to see the first sex robot kill a human. You can find Rachel on Twitter and Instagram @wolfiecomedy.

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