Paul Shirley (former NBA player, published author, and founder of Writers Blok) is back to discuss the human condition in this time of social distancing, quarantine, and uncertainty. He and Bridget talk about making deals with your brain, being disconnected from our purpose, how easy it is to forget that life is fragile in modern society, and having to face ourselves when all the things we have been chasing lead us nowhere. They share tips for discipline and productivity as professional authors, why having “oceans of time” is a problem, being of service, gutting it out when it comes to forming new habits, and why you must enjoy the process of writing itself if you ever hope to find success with it. Be sure to check out the Writer’s Blok digital platform to join in writer’s sprints and meet a community of authors who can help you meet your goals. Sorry, no check-in this week! Bridget and Maggie couldn’t get together in time.

Full transcript available here: WiW73-PaulShirley-Transcript

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  1. Bryan McAllister Lincoln
    Bryan McAllister

    Another great podcast! I really got drawn in when Bridget and Paul started reflecting on the indirect correlation between modern convenience and fulfillment. It’s not just that we’re disconnecting with reality, but we also seem to be spooling into a whirling dervish-like dance to distract ourselves from the awareness of not being a meaningful path which leads towards fulfillment.

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