Melissa Monte is a mindfulness coach, certified yoga teacher and reiki healer. She and Bridget reminisce about how they met on a party bus of 40 women heading to Vegas and reflect on surviving a series of rock bottoms from sexual assaults to eating disorders, to the loss of loved ones. Melissa shares her insights into why trying to fix a terrible relationship was a way of trying to prove her own self-worth, the felony charge that path led her to, and the fact that you can’t cushion somebody’s rock bottom without going down with them. Melissa and Bridget discuss why they’re both so grateful for the twists and turns in their lives that knocked them off their straight & narrow paths in their youths, how it led them to the journeys of self-discovery they’ve been on, the amazing things that life experience can teach you, and retraining negative thought loops. Melissa explains the importance of understanding that the message you’re bringing to the world is not going to be for everybody and that what matters is the people you’re connecting with. Check out her podcast Mind Love, in which she discusses mindset shifts, energy frequencies and modern mindfulness. She pursues her passion of helping people become their best selves on her website

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  1. Mark Alexander Lincoln

    I’m glad Melissa mentioned the Reticular Activating System (RAS). Young adults should not graduate from high school without understanding this, as well as the Adaptive Unconscious, which like the RAS, actively creates blind spots to the truth. Timothy Wilson has written a fascinating book on it called “Stranger to Ourselves.”

    It’s amazing how we can limit ourselves with a false self-image, either created by ourselves, or implanted by others.

    The truth is, imagination is the tool with which we architect our lives. Positive or negative, it’s a constant. Of course, others know this and try to usurp our imagination for their ends.

    One of the great challenges in life is to release the limitations and false implants and see the real truth, and love ourselves in the process.

    Spoiler Warning: We all make it in the end. No soul is lost. It’s all a healthy school in which we learn the amazing lessons of power vs love.

    As freaky as it sounds, the world is absolutely fair. Once you can accept full responsibility for your state of consciousness, you will never be a victim again.

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    • February 17, 2019, at 10:03 AM PDT
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