Kimberly Resnick Anderson, licensed sex therapist, and Bridget get real about the many issues facing couples in today’s modern world, from how common sexless marriages are, to power dynamics the #metoo movement and exploitation, to the impact of porn on men’s sexual function – particularly the neurological impact it can have on young men. Nothing is taboo in this conversation. Bridget discusses her brief flirtation with becoming a stripper, Kimberly reveals the astonishing number of married couples who have never had a conversation about sex and the fact that a large number of men are willing to risk death over loss of sexual function.

*Warning: This is a frank and adult conversation about sexual topics*

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  1. Texmoor Coolidge

    Interesting podcast! Definitely not the usual fare for Ricochet but that’s a good thing.

    The discussion on pornography addiction reminded me of a Femsplainers episode with Dr. Debra Soh where she said it isn’t an addiction. Soh claimed that biased research came to the conclusion of addiction, while Kimberley Anderson’s practice makes it seem like its real. Which is true?

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  2. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander

    @texmoor I think anyone with a brain knows that sexual energy is intoxicating, often in the same ways as alcohol and drugs, and can affect one’s judgment. (Funny how we don’t raise our kids warning kids as we do with alcohol and drugs. But then, when the drug is immediately available 24 hours per day…) Anything intoxicating can be addicting to certain people.

    Another great podcast. Always interesting, and I like the “grit” focus.

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  3. Cow Girl Thatcher
    Cow Girl

    This podcast (which I finally got around to listening to…) is very insightful! When I was a young wife (a while ago…) I made a discovery that was life-changing. If my husband was feeling grumpy and down, and I could not figure out a reason, I’d realize that it had been several days since we’d had sex! I’d make sure we had a “get-together” and, voila, with only that variable, suddenly he was positive and cheerful again. We had 5 children (planned) in eight years, so we were both quite busy raising our family, and a week could easily go by without any intimate contact. But, whereas I felt loved by his kind words, lustful looks, help with the kids–he needed to have that level of contact with me to feel the love. I mean, REALLY feel it. It was awesome to figure that out.

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  4. Ed G. Member
    Ed G.

    Serious question: who thinks that being attracted to someone other than your spouse is a shameful thing? Is that a thing? 

    I’m a practicing Catholic, and I know quite a few seriously religious people. None of them think that attraction is shameful. As you alluded to, the sin comes from disordered action – masturbation, stalking, cheating, manipulation, assault, etc. 

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  5. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander
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