Jeff Charles is a political commentator, podcast host, and freelance writer. He and Bridget discuss a variety of issues including why Republicans seem more interested in making it more difficult to vote than winning over hearts & minds, how even though most conservatives aren’t racist, they fall into a trap that lets the left paint them as racist, why the far left doesn’t really care about black people, and why you’re not that likely to be killed by a black person. They cover hot topics like Dr. Seuss and Gina Carano, along with more nuanced topics like why most black people don’t want to defund the police – they want the police to be held accountable, why Jeff believes conservatives will come around to the idea of black outreach, why Republicans should be advocating for reparations when Democrats will never do it, and wonder how many black farmers there actually are in America. Check out Jeff’s YouTube channel Breaking Conservatarian.

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  1. Randy Weivoda Moderator
    Randy Weivoda

    Hey, I’ve got an uncle named Jeff Charles!  But it’s not this guy.  I’ll listen to it anyway, eventually.

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  2. Architectus Coolidge

    So, he considers Candace Owens a grifter and not holding Blexit rallies in “black areas”.  Do Baltimore, Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Richmond, Dallas, Greenville SC and Washington DC not qualify?  Are blacks only found in some tiny reservations, and not all over America just like all other citizens?  

    He is in favor of reparations for slavery, as long as it is done fairly.  Really?  There is a way to “fairly” punish people for crimes they did not commit, and reward those who did not suffer from the crime of slavery?  Especially given that even some blacks were slave owners and only a small fraction of whites actually were?  Do tell…

    He very well might be conservative and/or libertarian in many ways, and is certainly an engaging and smart commentator, but he seems to spend a lot of time fighting others on the conservatives side.  Why not work together? 

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