Helen Pluckrose, one of the three authors of the Grievance Studies and editor-in-chief of Aero magazine, sits with Bridget to discuss the much richer role for women in history than the lenses by which we’re viewing them today, the contradictions in feminism and social justice activism, the argument against post-modernism, and the inherent problems with intersectionality. Helen talks about her own journey from a care assistant in hospitals, to getting a Masters in Early Modern Literature with a focus on religious writing by and about women, her conversion from a Christian to an atheist, and how she met James Lindsay and became involved in the Grievance Studies. It’s a fascinating conversation covering complex topics with a true master of critical theory. Helen helps breakdown the fundamental contradictions within intersectionality and offers Bridget a way to formulate a compassionate and rational response to the intersectional argument.

Full transcript available here: WiW50-HelenPluckrose-Transcript

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  1. Sheila Johnson Member
    Sheila Johnson

    Bridget, Bridget, don’t cry.  Be strong, you are a plucky gem, and very appreciated.  Thank you for your work.

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  2. Zed11 Inactive

    Late to playing this one. Huge fan of Helen but holy hell yes talk about burying the lede

    Mostly blurt meaningless drivel on Twitter, because that’s what it’s good for, but being very sincere here when I say, thanks.

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