Harleen Kaur is a former NASA space engineer and current CEO and founder of Ground News, the world’s first news comparison platform. Ground News aggregates news stories from around the world, shows you how they are being covered by different media outlets, and helps you identify the media bias on the different coverage. Harleen founded the company to solve a problem she herself had, when it came to identifying media bias and putting news stories within a larger global perspective. She and Bridget discuss how revenue models are ruining journalism, the advantages of traveling and living in several different countries, the perspective working on a probe to Pluto can give you on the achievements of humankind, and how challenging yourself with information that competes with your world view teaches intellectual resilience.


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  1. HankRhody Freelance Philosopher Contributor
    HankRhody Freelance Philosopher

    Not gonna lie “International Space University” sounds like the Star Ranger Cadet School from any number of science fiction juveniles.

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  2. Bryan McAllister Inactive
    Bryan McAllister

    Another great conversation hosted by Bridget Phetasy.  Prior to this podcast, I was not familiar with Ground News.  What a great concept, and also helpful to hear Ms Kaur explain her motivation and intention.  Bridget’s question about how Ms Kaur’s background as a rocket scientist who worked with Rolls Royce, NASA and other firms, translated in the world of media and news unlocked a great answer.  Just as space exploration builds on hope and optimism that complex problems can be overcome and solved, she sees the Gordian knot of accessing meaningful and comprehensive news coverage can be loosed.

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  3. Tedley Member

    I echo @bmcallis, this was another great interview.  I’m going to spend time on the Ground News website, at first blush it looks like a good way to see the balance of coverage of different issues. (It would deserve Pulitzer if the site could accurately validate the veracity of the information on the different sites…)

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