Ethan Nicolle, Creative Director at the Babylon Bee, stops by to talk the pros and cons of going viral, how virality does not automatically equal dollars, the never-endingness of being a parent, the bubble within a bubble within a bubble that is LA, and Ethan’s theory that fighting with bears is the struggle for manliness. They discuss the comic Axe Cop which Ethan created with his 5 year old brother, Malachai. Malachi provided the ideas and story, Ethan illustrated. He delves into finding success and moderate fame with Axe Cop, and what happens after the fame. They theorize on why dogs choose to poo where they do and the fact that it might be responsible for keeping the Earth on its axis, why Bridget wants to get milkshaked, and why Ethan had trouble talking to strangers after his band broke up. Don’t miss Ethan’s new book, Bears Want to Kill You.

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