Chloé Valdary (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic) returns to discuss her new course Theory of Enchantment an innovative social-emotional, learning course that teaches character development, resilience and love. Her background in international diplomacy and conflict resolution led her to want to create a framework that teaches people how to love each other. The aspirational course blends pop culture and ancient wisdom to teach social and emotional learning and Chloé felt it was necessary as an antidote to the deconstructive ideology that’s permeating our culture right now. She and Bridget discuss why having no reverence for the past leaves us with no way to measure our progress, why we should see suffering as a gift, how people stereotyping others means they also stereotype themselves, and why the world is ending when people no longer dance with each other.

Full transcript available here: WiW87-ChloeValdary-Transcript

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  1. Bryan McAllister Inactive
    Bryan McAllister

    Yet, again, Ms Phetasy [@bridgetphetasy] introduced me to a thought leader who helped to stretch my brain, or perhaps more in this case – someone who was able to articulate feelings, impressions, and thoughts rattling around in my head in words and in a framework which resonated.

    I was intrigued by the Chloe Valdary’s work on the topic of Enchantment, and appreciated the conversation Bridget had with Ms Valdary.

    So, it compelled me to look for more conversations with Ms Valdary to become better acquainted with her thoughts. Here’s a TED Talk from June that you might enjoy, if you were also intrigued by Ms Valdary’s comments, [and perhaps Bridget already referenced this, and for that I apologize if I am repeating her invitation … I really do pay attention, most of the time … ].

    I really like how Ms Valdary distills the effort to practice enchantment in to the three principles:

    1. Treat people like human beings, not like political abstractions [we so easily get lost in the laziness of applying labels for convenience, and forget the nuance and idiosyncrasy embedded within a community. But, also, as we get to know each other at the individual level, we begin to see each other as people and likely discover a great deal of commonality];
    2. If compelled to criticize, criticize to uplift and empower; never to tear down, never to destroy [Twitter, Facebook, Instagram would all collapse if this practice became widely adopted … or rather, the tenor of each of these platforms would become markedly different … and, one wouldn’t need a shower after a visit to same]; and
    3. Try to root everything you do in love and compassion.

    Thank you, again, Bridget and Team Phetasy!

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