In some sense the United States was an innovation, a bold experiment that turned into a spectacular success. According to Bret Weinstein, this success is proof of concept, and the system devised has been wildly successful at producing well-being, though unfairly distributed to certain population groups. The solution is not to un-invent the system, it’s to figure out how to correct the unfairness. The system needs an adjustment. Bret believes that Unity 2020 is our way to break the corrupt duopoly holding this country in gridlock and sowing division between Democrats and Republicans. A biologist and evolutionary theorist, Bret’s background is in studying complex systems and the evolution of humans in particular. He outlines his innovative and bold plan to galvanize disaffected voters, force both parties to meet in the middle and affect a lasting change in the way this country is governed. Will it work in 2020? Is there time? If not, what can we hope for in the future?

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  1. Bryan McAllister Inactive
    Bryan McAllister

    This was a fascinating conversation.  I was not very familiar with Bret Weinstein prior to this interview.  His voice / turn of phrase, and constructive action focus, in conjunction with his desire for intellectual honesty, encourage me to want to listen to more of what he says.  This was also the first time I had really heard anything about Unity 2020.  While I do not fully understand the details – and therefore have not yet met the devils which might be lurking in those details – it is refreshing to hear options.

    The current trajectory in our political system is a mess.  As citizens, it feels like the individuals have given up, and I struggle to find realistic, constructive, guidance and efforts to fix that.  I’m tired of punditry BS.  Too much of it is window dressing for pedaling fame and advertising / sponsorship dollars.  The ‘system’ does seem to discourage individuals from engaging in open discourse, and influencing the outcome.  The parties do seem to have created a duopoly with daunting barriers to entry for the individual voter.

    To me, this is where the greatest value will be from all of these podcast / punditry venues.  Yeah, it’s important to have solid, credible, intellectual guidance.  It’s also important to post the flag and rally those with similar view points.  However, there is a need to facilitate action.  Not protests for ‘yelling at the sky … impotently’, nor riots.  But, meaningful action.  Help the individual get engaged, meaningfully.  In the process.  Not delegating to power aggregators like political parties, PACs, and their pawns.

    Bret Weinstein seems to be trying to get through those walls.  Does he have the right plan?  I don’t know.  The enemy of completing a task is perfection.  That doesn’t mean acting recklessly, but ideas without action are only damning.

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