Art Tavana is a conservative, libertarian columnist at Playboy and contributor at National Review. An Armenian refugee from Iran, Art talks about how Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties indoctrinated him as a conservative early in life and why being a conservative writing for Playboy is only okay because he’s a person of color and not a white MAGA bro. He and Bridget discuss the strange fad of corporations caving to the mob and apologizing every time someone gets “offended”, his perspective on gratitude as an immigrant living in America, the freedom of having nothing to lose, and why they both hate being branded as activists. The conversation ranges from mourning the death of contrarians, to dissecting why populism needs to go, to predicting that our totalitarian leader is going to come from the left, to why you shouldn’t ever join a group to solve your problems. Finally, don’t miss Art’s explanation of why Atlas Shrugged is the most feminist thing he’s ever read.

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