Angel Eduardo is a writer, musician, photographer and artist. He and Bridget discuss the discipline of being a professional artist, the moral panic around art these days, self-censorship and the fear of being cancelled, victimhood culture, exercise & discipline, Bridget’s ideal super power, why mistakes are like wrapping paper, what to do when you’re lost, and the ground we’re losing in the equality movement. Angel explains his concept of “star-manning,” a way of engaging in discourse with each other that acknowledges a person’s point of view and their intentions in a conversation as a means of finding common ground, making them feel heard, and making them more likely to listen to you in return. He believes that most people mean well, and we often lose sight of that fact and depersonalize them in a disagreement, particularly over social media. Learn more about Angel on his website,

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  1. Bryan McAllister Inactive
    Bryan McAllister

    I’ve listened to this podcast 2 times, and am going on my 3rd.  

    This is another example of what I enjoy about Walk-ins Welcome.  The conversations are constructive, and respectfully challenge my thinking.  While other podcasts on the Ricochet network are very interesting, they leave me empty with no outlet for applying, or do give me a sense of impotence that my only outlet is an angry rant to no one that will listen.

    Sadly, what the ‘Conservative’ media world, and Republican party suck at is facilitating engagement.  The party barrages me with incessant pleas for more money – it’s ironic, as this is the party of fiscal responsibility and smart investment, and the representative Political Party wants to solve the problem with money and to try and stoke fear and mistrust.  Talk about alienating!

    This has little to do directly with this Podcast – sorry, Bridget – excepting for the contrast in how I walk away from Bridget’s conversations with a better sense of opportunities for engagement and improvement.  Not just theorizing, ranting, fear mongering, or impotent complaining.  It’s sorta’ like a Wolfe analysis of the art loving community – ‘experts’ losing contact with the audience by getting lost in theories and structures to show off their words.

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