Andrew Doyle is the man behind satirical Twitter account Titania McGrath – a radical intersectionalist, feminist, and slam poet, who is constantly telling people how oppressed she is – and author of Woke: A Guide to Social Justice. He’s back for round two where he and Bridget cover the insanity of attempting to subvert democracy in order to preserve it, the humorlessness of passionate protestors (and how hilarious Andrew finds them), infantalizing women while claiming to advocate for them, and the problem with the use of the word “privilege.” They dive into the difference between being aware of racism and calling everyone racist, how whiteness has become the original sin in the Church of Woke, why Andrew mistrusts the phrase “male feminist” and they worry about Greta Thunberg’s future, what will happen to her if one day she decides to change her mind, or her stance?

Full transcript available here: WiW69-AndrewDoyle-Transcript

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  1. Bryan McAllister Coolidge

    Another fascinating conversation, and interesting opportunity to compare the recent elections repudiating Corbyn and his alignment with the loud, woke crowd in England, and the pervasive and loud Church of the Woke denominations here in the States. I am hopeful that Mr Doyle’s conjecture proves to be prescient – suggesting that the Church will implode as it continues to turn on each of its membership groups, which prove to be ideological impure, in various fashions. I also take comfort from Ms Phetasy’s observation about her nieces and nephews who are all Republican-leaning. Purely reactionary? Perhaps, or maybe they also see through the virtue signaling to find the underlying foundation built on a framework of hypocrisy and inconsistency.

    • #1
    • February 27, 2020, at 4:49 PM PST
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  2. Architectus Coolidge

    Another great podcast, with great conversation. Funny how what used to be just a common sense approach to issues is so refreshing and gratifying to hear in a podcast.

    • #2
    • February 29, 2020, at 5:01 PM PST