All the Rules Have Disappeared

Ann and podcast regular Mickey Kaus discuss campus protests, Ukraine aid, Weinstein, Cosby, Trump’s VP and more! Mostly, they disagree.

Show topics:

  • Why do liberals suddenly oppose college leftists?
  • Mike Johnson: neocon suck-up;
  • Zelensky’s plot to kill every Ukrainian male;
  • The best president/congress combo;
  • All rules have disappeared;
  • Will AI make 20 million immigrants welfare cases?
  • Mickey’s defense of the Weinstin ruling and Ann’s defense of Bill Cosby;
  • Could NPR be more boring?


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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Oh my goodness!

    “If only we spent the Ukraine aide money on something else!”

    Like the homeless? We’ve spent millions (actually Billions) on the homeless and have more than ever …

    Thats because the money spent on the homeless is an industrial subsidy not a solution. The point of spending money on the homeless is to create and maintain the homeless populations. Not get them into drug or mental health treatments and homes… That would reduce the jobs of the homeless advocates, bureaucrats,  etc etc… There is an entire industry that goes away if the homeless decided just to go home.

    It works hand in hand with the Opioid and Fentanyl epidemics. Nothing derails a normal life quicker than a drug addiction. Opioids are very quick and hard addictions. Politicians are using this to feed their favorite domestic industries, Prison and homeless.

    • #1
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