The second interview with an author of The Great Barrington Declaration. Listen to Ann’s conversation with Martin Kulldorff here.

The Receipts:

  • The Great Barrington Declaration
  • COVID-19 deaths (defined liberally) in the U.S. as of June 14, 2023, by age
  • Judge Doughty’s order in MISSOURI v. BIDEN, detailing the government’s collusion with social media to suppress the Great Barrington Declaration
  • Florida’s largest teachers’ union fights to keep schools closed
  • Eran Bendavid & Jay Bhattacharya, Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?, Wall Street Journal, March 24, 2020
  • Excess deaths in Australia highest since World War II, March 2023
  • NYT, Teenager’s Death in California Is Linked to Coronavirus, March 24, 2020: “The victim would be one of the youngest in the United States. “Covid-19 does not discriminate by age, race or income level,” the Los Angeles County health department said.”NYT UPDATE, April 1, 2020″: “The teenager has been dropped from the list of deaths from Covid-19 in Los Angeles County… [T]he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be completing the investigation of the teenager’s death.”
  • William Haseltine, a former Harvard Medical School professor: “Herd immunity is another word for mass murder. If you allow this virus to spread … we are looking at 2 to 6 million Americans dead. Not just this year, but every year.”
  • Ann Coulter, How do we Flatten the Curve on Panic? March 25, 2020
  • Ann Coulter, Cheap TVS, Expensive Flu, March 18, 2020

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  1. JoelB Member

    While driving through Massachusetts with my son-in-law’s father, we came across a sign indicating that we were in Great Barrington. I asked him if this was the same Great Barrington that the Declaration was named for. He works for a pharmaceutical company in New England, but he had never heard of it. The supression of information seems to have been quite thorough and effective. 

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