This week, look get a glimpse of the Olympics from a perspective across the Atlantic as James Delingpole and Toby Young discuss the summer games, A Brit visits the RNC, why there wont be a Brexit recount, and our election as it looks from folks who drive on the left side of the road.

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  1. Pepe LePew Inactive

    I have a question about the survey of Leave voters’ motivations. You said the National Health Service was a motivation, but that the key motivation was a desire to reassert the nation’s sovereignty as to lawmaking. You discounted opposition to immigration as a key motivation, contrary to the opinion of Remain proponents who seek to paint Leavers as nothing but racists. Isn’t the NHS issue one of failure of service due to an excess of patients, which is in turn due to high migration? Isn’t a desire to assert sovereignty the same as saying, “I don’t want foreigners making the laws I have to obey”? In short, isn’t a dislike of influence by non-British persons thus the key motivation, at bottom, of the Leavers’ vote? My question is, “Why do you wish to overlook such ultimate motivations of the Leavers’ votes?” If such motivations —-NHS and sovereignty—-are admirable then why be so eager to deny that they blend with urges that are commonly called “racist”? Perhaps what is needed is a Socrates who will wander the City and ask, “What do you mean by the word ‘racist’?” Certainly he or she would face mortal risks in doing so. Is there a Plato who will create a dialogue on the meaning of “racist”? Perhaps an effort to clarify what is meant by “racist” would help separate discussions of the best policy, from revelations of one’s various and usually changeable emotions.

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    • August 17, 2016, at 5:58 AM PDT
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