The new and final season of Game of Thrones began this past Sunday and that means James Delingpole and Toby Young must reconvene to tell us what happened, what will happen, and what it all means. And they’ll do that right after they figure out what the correct name of their bloody podcast is. Typical.

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  1. EtCarter Inactive

    I still haven’t ever seen GoT, but I love, love, love listening to James and Toby chatting. ( And, I say that completely without irony,) Welcome back!!

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  2. Texmoor Coolidge

    I finally watched all 7 seasons leading up to Sunday after listening to everyone discuss the show for years. I will now freely admit I was missing out. Winter is here!

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  3. EtCarter Inactive

    Post-ThroneCast First Impression:

    Outrageously funny! Well done, and thank you.

    et carter (charter-fan who has enjoyed ThroneCast from the start, but presently unable to watch GoT due to a shortage of HBO on premises.)


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  4. Jdetente Member

    Fun episode. Terrible American accent. I thought only Americans had terrible fake British accents! It goes both ways I see. Can’t wait for the next one. Good fun.

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  5. Stina Member

    So what struck me most were the kids in the gathering of the lords in Winterfell scene.

    You had Lord Umber called up by Sansa and he’s this 7 year old kid… next to the other young girl who is head of her house… and this entire meeting is being led by fresh faced early 20-somethings.

    I was struck by their youth, the Summer’s children about to fight the ancient evil of winter without any history or guidance beyond what they themselves have discovered.

    It kinda reminds me of the future generations we are raising up now. They have no knowledge foundation of faith and history as their elders took it for granted and failed to pass it down. They’ll be floundering against future struggles we kinda laid the groundwork for.

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  6. Max Ledoux Admin
    Max Ledoux

    Reminds me of that story about Reagan in the car with James Baker on the way to Reykjavik. Baker was very concerned that Reagan understand how a missile worked. Reagan said, “Oh, Jim, don’t worry about that. Gorby doesn’t know how it works, either.”

    It’s possible I got all the details of that story wrong, but whatevs.

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  7. DJ EJ Member
    DJ EJ

    So glad to have this podcast back again, and yes, work on your American accent Toby.

    I agree that the writing and the episode in general were subpar. If the writing stays like this, I may start cheering for the white walkers. That stupid dragon-riding scene will be the promotional footage for the Game of Thrones Dragon Roller Coaster at Universal Studios in 2022. What I did enjoy throughout the episode were the reunions that had me saying “Awkward!” out loud repeatedly: Bran and Jamie Lannister (“Hey kid, sorry I crippled you by pushing you out that tower window when you caught me in flagrante delicto with my sister.”), Arya Stark and the Hound, Theon Greyjoy and his sister Yara, etc.

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  8. Lash LaRoche Inactive
    Lash LaRoche

    Now that’s a ThronesCast!

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  9. RPD Member

    I remain convinced that I did the right thing in dropping the series after the first season and reading the books instead. They may run out with Jon Snow’s “death” but at least the don’t have the short cuts, amalgamations and poorly implemented stuff of the TV writers.

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  10. Charlotte Member

    Only thing missing was James calling Toby “Tobes”. Maybe next week. (I have also never watched the show but I dig this podcast!)

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  11. PJS Coolidge

    One quick correction:  Jon Snow is the son of Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna, so he is Sansa’s cousin.  He is also Daenerys’s nephew, as his father was her older brother Rhaeagar.  By right of primogeniture Jon’s claim to the throne is stronger than Daenerys’s.

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  12. Julia1492 Member

    PJS (View Comment):

    One quick correction: Jon Snow is the son of Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna, so he is Sansa’s cousin. He is also Daenerys’s nephew, as his father was her older brother Rhaeagar. By right of primogeniture Jon’s claim to the throne is stronger than Daenerys’s.

    Thank you for this! I tweeted at Toby and James that they were wrong on this point. I’m not a GoT encyclopedia but this is an important detail. 

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