Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America believe the judge made the right decision in sentencing former congressman/predator Anthony Weiner to 21 months in prison for transferring obscene material to a minor.  They also discuss the latest GOP health care bill going up in flames as some Republicans think it’s not conservative enough and others think it’s too conservative, making the likelihood of anything getting done on this issue in this Congress very slim.  And they’re disturbed as Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle – and former Army ranger – Alejandro Villanueva apologizes to his teammates, coaches and the Steelers organization for being the only one on the field Sunday for the national anthem.

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  1. BD1 Member

    Jim Geraghty basically wrote an endorsement of Luther Strange this morning at NRO.

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  2. Marley's Ghost Coolidge
    Marley's Ghost

    Guys, Trump wasn’t the genus of this and it was ramping up before he made his comments.  Trump’s comments weren’t even that incendiary.  Plenty of people were saying similar things last year and this year.  The media took his remarks as just another can of gas to reignite a fire.  Did Trump NEED to step in and make a comment…NO but you HAD to know that he would.

    Also, with regards to your statements yesterday regarding free speech and Trump stepping in inappropriately I think you are off base.  These guys aren’t being rebuked by people for making a statement or even protesting.  They are being rebuked for turning their WORKPLACE into a political arena.  The game is supposed to be about moving a ball up and down a field in order to score points in a designated fashion.  NO ONE is waiting on the edge of their seats hoping to get some commentary from a Down Lineman or a Full Back or a Safety on the latest national or international events.  They are there to see a football game in order to get away from all the harsh aspects of reality and these players have decided to actively ruin that portion of the sports entertainment illusion.  It would be like a movie theater deciding to put windows in so you could be distracted by people pulling in and out of the parking lot while the movie is playing. Not just abusive and rude to the people who are PAYING for this whole endeavor but bad business too as we are seeing.

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  3. Grendel Member

    Dear Hanoi,

    You can have McCain back.


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  4. Arahant Member

    This has nothing to do with the First Amendment. The First Amendment is to keep Congress from passing laws abridging the listed freedoms. What we are looking at is low-level line employees making strategic decisions for the whole company. It would be as if you decided to “speak” for your respective employers on matters of policy. In my former career I, at one time, worked for a corporation with ten or twelve thousand employees. Say that I broke into a company commercial to tell our clientele that we hated half of them or maybe even 90% of them. What do you think would have happened to me? Because that is what should be happening to these jaspers who are alienating the people who voluntarily give money to their employers, and that money is what is used to pay their contracts. Congress and the government has nothing to do with it. It’s just business, baby.

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