Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney and National Review Contributing Editor Andy McCarthy is in for Jim, who will be back on Monday. Today, Andy and Greg cheer the U.S. strikes against Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps sites in Syria following multiple drone attacks against U.S. forces in the region last week. But Andy is very concerned that the Biden administration refuses to get tough with Iran, who is clearly collaborating with Hamas, Russia, and the Chinese.

Andy also breaks down the open letter from Sen. Chuck Grassley alleging that dozens of whistleblowers have told him the FBI and Justice Department are refusing to follow up on key evidence of the Biden family corruption and are actively trying to bury it all.

Finally, Andy walks us through the incredibly generous deal offered to New York Rep. Jamal Bowman for intentionall pulling a fire alarm to delay a House vote late last month. New video proves Bowman’s story to date is false. Andy explains why Bowman should have been charged with disrupting a congressional proceeding and why this sweetheart deal of a $1,000 fine and the charge not staying on his record permanently was done.

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  1. Steve Fast Member
    Steve Fast

    Why was it only two F-16s attacking? Why didn’t we strike the Ministry of Defense in Tehran?

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  2. kedavis Coolidge

    I’m not so sure about Bowman, if the plea deal etc was made on false premises – which the actual video revealed – doesn’t that mean it wouldn’t be double jeopardy?

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