Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to Fox News breaking the story that the FBI is running separate investigations into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information and allegations of pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation while Clinton was Secretary of State.  They also shudder as Fox also reveals that FBI experts are 99 percent certain that up to five foreign governments hacked into Clinton’s private server.  And they shake their heads at Huma Abedin’s ongoing bewilderment as to how 650,000 emails ended up on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

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  1. Kim K. Inactive
    Kim K.

    Please try to avoid uttering the words, “…comb through Anthony Weiner’s laptop…”

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  2. The Forgotten Man Inactive
    The Forgotten Man

    I know the three-martini lunch is entertainment and a bit tongue in cheek but it is an example of what galls me about this election.  With 5 days left in a very tight electionMr. Geraghty and Mr. Corombos are laughing and smirking not at the likely felon Hillary Clinton but at the only person who stands between Her and the White House.  At the end of the day if Hillary becomes President you will be hearing them tell you how it’s not their fault. You don’t see this happening on the Democrat side. The Democrat’s attitude is,  “She may be a potential felon but she is our potential felon say every dang Democrat.” Nobody makes fun of the Candidate, “She may be a potential felon but she is our potential felon” say every dang Democrat. Nobody makes fun of the most ridiculous candidate ever put forward by a major party.

    That is a big reason why they win and conservatives lose Presidential elections.

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