Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss the Trump administration’s new executive order temporarily banning travel from six nations with major terrorism problems.  They also react to North Korea announcing its latest missile tests were designed to strike U.S. bases in Japan.  And they slam teachers in Alexandria, Virginia, for forcing the cancellation of school because 300 of them plan to attend the anti-Trump women’s march.

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  1. Freesmith Inactive

    Geraghty misses the point in the Crazy Martini segment. Many teachers in Alexandria, Virginia are taking the day off tomorrow as part of the Subsidized Women’s Protest Against Whatever and Jim feels they are misguided.

    Alexandria’s schools are not so good, he says. In spite of being well-supported and having small classes, the academic levels in the schools are way below average and violence in the schools is chronically high. Most people who can take their kids out do so, to private and religious schools.

    Plus, Alexandria went 75-25 for Hillary in 2016, so these liberal women are only hurting themselves and their co-Democrats.

    Instead of protesting something they can’t fix, gender unfairness, Geraghty says the teachers should concentrate on fixing what they can – the public schools. But he has it all wrong: the schools are precisely what they can’t fix.

    The Alexandria schools are failing and violent because the students there are predominantly black. Period. That’s why everyone who can leaves. That’s why money and class size don’t matter. Everybody knows it – they just won’t say it.

    And that’s why the teachers go on virtue-signaling parades and gestures like taking the day off for Fairness or Equality. They know from hard, bitter experience that they have a better chance of achieving those abstractions than of raising the academic achievement of their students.

    They just can’t say that. And neither can Geraghty.


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