Greg Corombos of Radio America and David French of National Review applaud Pres. Trump for planning to modernize and upgrade America’s nuclear arsenal.  They also discuss the complexities of repealing Obamacare as former House Speaker John Boehner says it will never happen.  And they react to CNN’s Chris Cuomo accusing dads who don’t want their 12-year-old daughter to share locker rooms with biological males of being “overprotective and intolerant.”

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  1. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    It infuriates me that the Chris Cuomos of the world never expect their pet victim groups to ‘show some tolerance ‘ , wouldn’t it be up to the trans to realize that people are made uncomfortable by his/her presence in the locker room  and avail him/herself of other arrangements?

    Along the same lines if  Muslims dislike being looked at askance at airports , their anger should be directed at the terrorists not at people who’ve been watching bombings by Muslims on the news for 40 years.

    If I have occasion to go to my grandchildren’s school in the middle of the day I expect to be challenged before I get two feet in the door. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Political correctness is a war on noticing the obvious.

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  2. RufusRJones Member

    They have to switch to the Swiss health insurance system now, Americanized. Pick your own deductible but no mandates. Progressively subsidized right out of the U.S. Treasury. The Swiss system is far more transparent and has way less central planning.

    The ACA is the Swiss system REGRESSIVELY funded with all kinds of intended and unintended Rube Goldberg self destruct mechanisms.

    The GOP has to get real about how politicized and socialized and otherwise messed up the system is now. No one will talk abut it frankly.

    Also, Trump needs to shame the hell out of the Democrats for all of the lies. Passed with a parliamentary  trick.


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  3. RufusRJones Member

    The other thing is 90% of Democrats are just mind boggling ignorant of this subject. Zero concept of the various trade offs or actuarial science. Single payer is going to have far more graft, waste and chronically misallocated capital.

    The government and politicians messed this up big time.

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  4. Ralphie Inactive

    Just finished reading Mike Lee’s book “Our Lost Constitution” and he describes Andrew Jackson’s veto of the bill that included Henry’s Clay’s Mayville Road. Jackson was warned it would cost him the west, and he crushed Clay in the election of 1832.  Trump, as Peggy Noonan tells us, is no Jackson. But we can hope if he does one thing right it will be Obamacare repeal.

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