Recording of Tuesday’s Three Martini Lunch concluded before the news of Kamala Harris abandoning her presidential campaign. Rest assured we will have plenty to say about that on Wednesday. In the meantime, grab a stool and join Jim and Greg as serve up Tuesday’s martinis. First, they’re grateful to see President Trump siding with the Iranian protesters despite earlier indications to the contrary. They also facepalm as Trump allies attack Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for not following Trump’s advice on a U.S. Senate appointment and Kemp proceeds to pick someone who makes the pro-life community very nervous. And they notice that Michael Bloomberg’s spending barrage already has him in fifth place among voters in the first four primary and caucus states.

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    Normally, Jim would criticize the tone-deaf appointment of an inexperienced, pro-choice, country club Republican as Georgia Senator.

    But Trump opposes the choice, so Jim has to defend it — and go into full “sneer mode” against Congr. Matt Gaetz, who  agrees with the President. 

    Jim goes on to praise Joe Sestak for having a career before entering politics.  

    Curiously, he rarely praises a certain President who spent half a century doing other things before he entered politics. 

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  2. Seawriter Contributor

    Who has to work over Christmas for a priority job? Two categories of workers: people employed by airlines and government contractors.

    For airline employees the major holidays are their rush periods – even Christmas and Thanksgiving. You still have folks traveling late to make the family dinner.  Time off? Better have seniority.

    For government contractors, the way it works is this. Government bureaucrats want time off over the holidays. So they time the deadlines for proposal requests for January 2 or 3. That way they do not have to evaluate the proposals until after the holidays.  They are done with the release, and can kick back.

    The companies bidding on the work? Not so much.  Especially if it is a big contract  where the RFP is released 60 days before the due date. That goes double if the request for proposal is significantly different than what was expected. Suddenly everyone has to work 12-hour days right up to the delivery date if it is a major multi-year contract.  Saw it several times working for NASA contractors. 

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  3. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    I cannot remember a President telling a Governor, in public, who to appoint to the Senate.  Has this happened before?

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