Greg Corombos of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review are pleased that most Republican candidates performed well in a debate that easily drew the highest primary debate ratings ever, they cheer Carly Fiorina’s performance in the early debate and they quickly go through the performances of many of the candidates. They also wonder why Pataki, Gilmore and Graham are running for president and Jim suggests an intervention for a gloomy Sen. Graham. And they discuss the tough questions aimed at Donald Trump and his slamming of Fox News after the debate.

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  1. Mike H Coolidge

    Do we seriously need a post for this every day, bumping articles down faster?

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    • August 7, 2015, at 10:48 AM PDT
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  2. BuckeyeSam Inactive

    I’m no Huck fan, but Geraghty’s wrong on Huck.

    I’m no Trump fan, but Geraghty’s wrong about Trump’s highlighting the immigration issue. Last night was a talking-point discussion of the issue. It should have been a bloodbath. But we wouldn’t be having a possibility of fleshing this out without Trump. Without him, we’d have the candidates giving mushy statements about “comprehensive” reform.

    Beyond that, whether illegal immigrants coming from the south are Mexican or Central Americans, who cares? They’re illegal immigrants and they’re either coming from Mexico or passing through Mexico–in the latter case, on trains according to footage Fox News ran endlessly last summer.

    I’m no Rubio fan, and Geraghty’s gushing over Rubio is eyeball-rolling.

    Trump contributed to HRC’s campaign. The Bush family has worked endlessly to rehabilitate Bill Clinton’s image after he left the White House. Who has committed the greater sin?

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    • August 7, 2015, at 12:19 PM PDT
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  3. Gary Robbins Reagan

    I really appreciate you posting this at Ricochet. It still isn’t posted at National Review yet.

    Gary Robbins

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    • August 7, 2015, at 1:48 PM PDT
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  4. Seawriter Contributor

    Gary Robbins:I really appreciate you posting this at Ricochet. It still isn’t posted at National Review yet.

    Gary Robbins

    You can also find it at


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    • August 7, 2015, at 4:32 PM PDT
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