Greg Corombos of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review welcome Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to the 2016 campaign.  They also groan as the friction between Donald Trump supporters and the rest of the GOP hits a fevered pitch.  And they laugh as Hillary Clinton includes Uber and Airbnb among the reasons for stagnant wages.

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  1. FightinInPhilly Coolidge

    So glad this just shows up on the feed. Welcome Jim and Greg.

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  2. BuckeyeSam Member

    Illegal immigration is a huge issue, and no Republican is talking about it–except in a mealy-mouthed fashion. We get that even from these two. You aren’t affected by illegal immigrants, so you can hold you noses at us rubes who are. Trump is giving voice to common sense about immigration ENFORCEMENT.

    Shortly before 5:50, Geraghty is condescending about the immigration issue. Again, after 6:50, Geraghty resumes the condescension. Only NR and other Establishment nitwits and the hard Left are nervous about Trump’s language in the immigration discussion. If nothing else, Trump is bringing the illegal-immigration mess to the attention of a lot of middle-of-the-road voters who feel something is wrong but who don’t understand what’s going on in the country. I have a conservative, GOP-voting sister who doesn’t follow current events like a NR or Ricochet junkie. But she NEVER heard of sanctuary cities until the past week or so. Heck, I’m more informed than she–though not nearly well informed as most at Ricochet–and I had no idea of the breadth of sanctuary cities.

    Sorry, it’s not about expressing anger; it’s about giving an indication of resolve. And it’s also an indication of shutting your fricking pie-holes about “comprehensive immigration reform” until well after we talk about and concretely address “comprehensive immigration enforcement.”

    But stick with the condescension. It gets you invited to the elite cocktail parties.

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  3. Rightfromthestart Coolidge

    Hillary: I’m shocked, shocked , I tell you, that there is profit going on in this establishment.
    Waiter ( holding cash) : Your corporate donations , Ma’am
    Hillary: Thank you.

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  4. Ricochet Member

    But stick with the condescension. It gets you invited to the elite cocktail parties.

    You should check out the GLoP Podcast from Sept or Oct 2013, right around the time of the shutdown, the hosts have a good laugh at the notion that they save their punches for their own side just so they can hobnob at cocktail parties with people who hate their guts anyway.

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