Greg Corombos of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review applaud Rick Perry, Rep. Duncan Hunter and Sen. Tom Cotton for pushing for sanctuary cities to lose federal dollars for their refusal to enforce immigration laws.  They also discuss the OPM hack compromising the personal information of 22 million people.  And Jim makes a devastating case against the contention Donald Trump is a conservative.

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  1. The King Prawn Member
    The King Prawn

    Was I asleep when TML became affiliated with Ricochet?

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  2. Seawriter Contributor

    The King Prawn:Was I asleep when TML became affiliated with Ricochet?

    Probably. It wasn’t yesterday; it is today. I’d say the odds you were asleep when it did happen were pretty good, just because of the time window.


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  3. Ricochet Member

    Hey, are you trying to get NRO off my frequent browser list? Welcome aboard, Jim and Greg!

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  4. user_989419 Member

    Hey, I was listening to 3ML before 3ML was cool.

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  5. Belt Member

    Ooh, shiny!  Now I can listen to it here rather than trying to download from the webpage that never works right in Chrome.  This is definitely a win.  Glad to have it here.  One more reason to maintain my subscription at Ricochet.

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  6. user_1030767 Member

    Really glad this is here!  I liked listening to TML on YouTube, but then it wasn’t posted on YouTube anymore.  I don’t care for NRO’s media interface (I have a hard time pausing without starting a second podcast playing over the first).

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  7. Umbra Fractus Member
    Umbra Fractus

    Will the last podcaster to leave NRO please remember to turn the lights off.

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  8. user_904 Thatcher

    The Super Feed, though Super, is becoming rather unmanageable.  Milt Rosenberg’s prolific podcasts manage to have a distinct icon for each episode – might not the other components of the Super Feed be given identifying graphics so that one can make more sense of one’s podcast queue?

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  9. Freesmith Member

    Yes, let’s criticize Donald Trump, while praising the “policy ideas…to enforce existing law” (Greg) which have been “going nowhere for six years” (Jim), but “which are now being raised.”

    The passive voice is illustrative.

    How long have conservative lawmakers allowed liberal cities to secede from the union concerning our immigration law without making a peep about it? Would any liberal legislator remain silent while a GOP-led city ceased to enforce environmental laws?

    Did the Rubio-Schumer Comprehensive Immigration Reform address sanctuary cities? Not that I recall. (I’m sure the authors just expected them to fade away.)

    What or who caused this sudden high level of concern with immigration among the contenders for the nomination? Why, that would be that unprincipled Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump will never be the nominee, but that does not mean he is not performing a very valuable service by focusing the conservative debate on the one issue to which all other issues are subordinate.

    By the way, why not a full, 100% embargo on all federal funds to rebel cities? Why not a special Justice Department branch in the next GOP President’s cabinet to prosecute municipal officials who violate US law?

    Folks, the reason why liberals don’t stop coming is because we never try to hurt them. It’s fun for them to always be on offense; it’ll be much less fun when they’re being thrown in jail, forced to pay lawyers and bankrupted.

    Let’s do it!

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