Greg Corombos of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review are not impressed as FBI Director James Comey says the bureau cleared Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen because he insisted all his radical rants were just out of anger and not because he was lined with terrorist groups.  They also hammer Hillary Clinton for only now being worried about Middle East countries allowing their people to fund terrorism.  And they react to the revelation that Mateen was gay.

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  1. Lensman Inactive

    The revelation is that Omar M. went to the Pulse and reportedly attempted to pick up other men. I’m enough of a cynic to wonder if he was trying to pick up men in order to kill them. Posing as a homosexual might be a good way to get into the position to “execute” a homosexual.

    Islamists only seem to disagree on the question of what is the correct way to kill a homosexual (i.e. hanging vs. stoning vs. throwing off a tall building). They don’t disagree on whether to kill them.

    The news media has been remarkably gullible on so much of this story. The reports that he used an AR-15 proved to be not true. The latest news is that he used a Sig Sauer MSX, which is a fairly expensive carbine. My guess is that he was carrying about $3,000 in weapons (i.e. a revolver, a pistol and the carbine). Did he have that much discretionary income or was he subsidized?

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