Greg Corombos of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review are pleasantly surprised that White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest referred to the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton as a “criminal investigation.”  They also blast the Ninth Circuit for ruling that there is not constitutional right to carry a gun in public.  And they scoff as the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY report Donald Trump is a deadbeat in paying many employees and contractors.

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  1. Freesmith Inactive

    So, with the Ninth Circuit interpreting the Second Amendment, Jim is discovering that we aren’t protected by a piece of paper called the Constitution, but by the values and courage of people who share the values and courage of the Founders.

    James Kirkpatrick makes the educative point:

    “So yes, it is the effective end of the Anglo-Saxon legal tradition. If you like the Anglo-Saxon legal tradition, you need a core Anglo-Saxon population.

    “When you import a Third World population, you get a Third World country with Third World laws. If Conservatism Inc. doesn’t like it, they should campaign for a halt to Third World immigration and work to ensure the current United States has some connection to the nation created by the Founders.”

    And maybe the first step should be to cease criticizing the one man who stands between Jim and the reversal of the Heller decision.

    Attack Hillary 24/7/365.

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