Greg Corombos of Radio America and Jim Geraghty of National Review enjoy seeing the lawyers for fired Benghazi Committee staffer remove the accusation that partisanship on the committee led to his termination.  They also react to speculation that Pres. Obama’s increased support for Hillary Clinton means she will never be indicted over her private server.  And they unload on Mike Huckabee for saying conservatives opposing Trump are only worried about their paychecks and need to suck it up and get in line behind Trump.

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  1. Reldim Inactive

    Mike Huckabee does have to suck it up. But I and the average voter does not have to suck it up. I am allowed to say that the voters’ choice makes me not want to associate with them or their party anymore and I am still allowed to choose to vote for someone other than the voters’ choice.

    The Republican Party doesn’t own my vote – this isn’t a British political party that can withdraw the whip or kick me out for not supporting the party position. If the Party and its candidate no longer stand for the same things I believe in I do not have to “suck it up” – I get to go find another party and another candidate that will represent my views more closely.

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