Greg Corombos of Radio America and Ian Tuttle of National Review applaud the clear, direct questions in Tuesday’s debate and the substantive discussions that followed.  They also cringe as Donald Trump has to be told China is not part of TPP and discuss how Trump and Ben Carson tend to get quiet as the discussions get more detailed.  And they slam John Kasich for his belligerent personality and his liberal answers on everything from immigration to bank bailouts.

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  1. Inwar Resolution Inactive
    Inwar Resolution

    For the record, Kasich’s performance was terrible, especially his answer on banking (he said he would figure out who really needed the money and just bail those people out.)  Lord help us… what was he thinking?

    And, let me establish some bona fides.  I’m a “2” on Tim Groseclose’s scale, so it’s pretty hard to get to the “right” of me. (

    However, I have to admit that I agree with him and Bush on immigration.  Deporting 11 million people is not practical.  Obviously, we don’t want to say anything about that until we’ve secured the border, so this is just between us.  Talking about it turns our territory into a magnet for illegals.

    Let’s stop talking about what to do with the ones who are here until we secure the border.  Once that’s done, and the risk of attracting more is eliminated, then we can figure out a solution that doesn’t involve a military roundup of 3% of the population.

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