Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney and National Review Contributing Editor Andy McCarthy is in for Jim. Andy & Greg tackle thorny issues from securing the border to banning TikTok to people losing their homes to squatters.

First, they react to the whiplash of the U.S. Supreme Court initially staying the Texas legislation allowing the state to arrest and deport illegal aliens, then allowing the law to into effect, and now an appellate court putting it on hold again due to another challenge. Andy explains why the legal gears grind slowly and why the issue should not ideally be decided by the courts.

Next, they dig into legislation that would ban “foreign adversary-controlled applications.” The immediate goal is to ban TikTok or force its parent company to sever ties with the Chinese Communist Party. The app is Chinese spyware and also fills the minds of young people with poisonous ideas. But is the currebt legislation the best vehicle to make that happen or does it potentially threaten the speech rights of American citizens?

Finally, they explore the horrifying trend of homeowners finding squatters living in their houses. The squatters have no lease or any other legal justification to be there but the laws in New York and other places make it extremely difficult for property owners to have the intruders removed.

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