Join Jim and Greg as they cheer the great story of an Iranian defector dedicating his silver medal to Israel. They also fume as the CDC and the Biden administration force vaccinated people to wear masks again. And they slam President Biden for nominating someone who doesn’t believe in prosecuting drug dealers and other crimes to be a federal prosecutor.

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  1. Seawriter Contributor

    There are a lot of folks who have not gotten vaccinated because they have already had Covid. Best case studies (including one by the Cleveland Clinic) indicate vaccination provides less protection than natural immunity from having had the disease. 

    Additionally, having Covid 19 provides protection against other Covids. And since it was no worse than a chest cold when I got it last December why should I worry about getting it again? Subsequent cases are milder than the previous ones. 

    There is a word to describe people who believe vaccination is necessary for immunization: superstitious. Because they don’t understand the science.

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