Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney and National Review Contributing Editor Andy McCarthy is in for Jim today. Andy and Greg dive into the law, congressional politics, and how the presidential campaign and the NFL might intersect this year.

First, Andy analyzes Special Counsel Robert Hur’s Tuesday testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. He explains why Adam Schiff was dead wrong to suggest Hur was playing politics by discussing Biden’s faulty memory in his report on Biden’s mishandling of classified information. He also dismisses Rep. Jayapal and others for wrongly insisting that the Hur report “exonerates” Biden, noting the facts of the report and that it’s not the job of a prosecutor to exonerate anyone.

But in reflecting on questions from the GOP side and the report itself, Andy outlines why he thinks Hur’s ultimate conclusions were wrong.

Next, they react to Colorado Rep. Ken Buck announcing his impending resignation from the House of Representatives. The move will leave the GOP with an even slimmer 218-213 margin with four special elections still to come. Andy suggests this move is quite telling about the battle for the future of the Republican Party.

Finally, they get a kick out of reports that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is speaking “pretty continuously” with New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers about Rodgers serving as Kennedy’s running mate for his independent presidential bid.

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  1. kedavis Coolidge

    Andy McCarthy is one of those who told us we had to hold our noses and vote for McCain, or Romney, or whoever; but when it was their turn to hold their noses and vote for Trump, they ran away, and sometimes even voted for Hillary or Biden.

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