Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are glad to see billionaire impeachment activist Tom Steyer lock in a spot in the October Democratic presidential debate – both to watch him push impeachment when the party wants none of it and to see better debates. They also react to President Trump planning a meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David before abruptly cancelling at the last minute. Find out why Jim sees the Camp David invite as the “most morally abhorrent” mistake made by the Trump administration. And they scold Republican Party leaders in four states for planning to skip primaries and caucuses in 2020.

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  1. Patrick McClure Coolidge
    Patrick McClure

    Impeachment? For trying to reach a peace w/ the Taliban? Makes no sense, and is not a crime.

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  2. Eustace C. Scrubb Member
    Eustace C. Scrubb

    I wasn’t too sad in 2016 to be on the road, unable to cast a vote for Clinton or Trump. Looking at the madness and idiocy on the Democrat candidates, I’ve been trying to make peace with the fact it might be best to vote for Trump in 2020. Even thinking about inviting the Taliban to Camp David does not make that easier.

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  3. Arahant Member

    How much difference is there between Kim and the Taliban? Or really, between China and the Taliban? Oh, China isn’t actively trying to kill us? At least not openly? At least not lately. Haven’t taken down any of our planes lately to steal technology? How nice.

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  4. Taras Coolidge

    It was interesting to hear Greg bring up Jim short in mid-rant, when he pointed out that Yasser Arafat visited Camp David when Bill Clinton was President.   And that the media did not find this exceptionable at the time. 

    To overlook this point was sort of a Freudian slip for Jim, revealing that his antipathy to Trump goes beyond the rational.  Especially considering that the meeting never happened!

    Compared to the corrupt terrorist Arafat who leeched off his people, I’d take the honest terrorist Taliban any day. 


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  5. Taras Coolidge

    I go back to the podcast and, within 20 seconds, Jim has beclowned himself again.

    Trump didn’t cancel the trip to Denmark because the Danish government refused to sell Greenland, but because, pandering to its anti-Trump media, it ridiculed the proposal: as if at least two other Presidents, including Harry Truman, hadn’t run with the idea before.

    I suspect the Danish government had used the enormous subsidy to Greenland as an excuse for not fulfilling its NATO obligations.

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  6. Taras Coolidge

    A few days ago I suggested this podcast be called “Bad Advice for Republicans” — and Jim came through a third time before the end.

    Proposing that Republicans hold as many primaries as possible, he fails to realize that the media will play the “expectations game”, so that Trump’s winning margins, no matter how large, will be a sign of “deep-seated opposition” within the Republican Party.

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  7. Arahant Member

    Well, at least Jim is being consistent.

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