David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America dissect the Mueller indictments of Trump ally Roger Stone and how the latest revelations should concern the president.  They also comb through the indictment and marvel at Stone’s intimidation tactics, which David likens to a rejected script for a mobster film.  And they slam the New York Times for trying to pile on Christian education by begging young people to #exposeChristianschools.

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  1. James Taylor Inactive
    James Taylor

    Indeed. If the obtaining of information from Stone is illegal, the Steel Dossier is illegal. Additionally, we spent 8 years of the Obama administration hearing that Russia was NOT the enemy. Of course once Trump won, Russia’s on top. This indictment is horse feathers w/r/t the “collusion” investigation.


    I just don’t get it. I’ve heard since November the election was illegal. It wasn’t. Then I heard the Russians meddled. They did some juvenile JV-level ops with ads and targeted notes on Facebook, etc. NOW the Russians colluded with Trump to win. I am not so sure there’s anything there. And UNLIKE Whitewater (where no one would talk, but there WAS something there)… this is a big ball of nothing. Even the Democrats are starting to hedge their impeachment bets. Only the faithful still believe the hype from the media. No, I didn’t vote for Trump (I voted Libertarian)…. but this is re-friggin-diculous.

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