Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for staying consistent on her refusal to kill the filibuster, much to the dismay of her party. They also wince as the TalibanĀ  regains control in much of Northern Afghanistan amid the withdrawal of American troops. They end their discussion by highlighting the voter ID flip-flopping of Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock and other Democrats after years of calling the idea racist and tool for voter suppression.



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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    The democrat/media complex are like a flock of Starlings…. As soon as it becomes necessary for them to change course they suddenly change direction and pretend they’ve always been flying this direction.

    The lab leak was conspiracy theory of extremist bigots, until it wasnt. Black Lives Matter except when they dont. Voter ID is racist, until we realize that everyone wants it, then they where always for it… Just the latest example… They know that they can continue to lie about what they once said because the media will never – ever call them on it – never show them up for the lairs they are.

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  2. kedavis Member


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