Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America lament the loss of another GOP Senate seat as Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is declared the winner of the Arizona Senate race.  They’re also not surprised as North Korea is found maintaining and even enhancing its ballistic missile program with numerous undeclared sites.  They also react to National Review writer Kat Timpf being harassed at a New York City bar and being forced to leave because some people found out she worked for Fox News.  And Jim pays tribute to the late Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

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  1. Gary Robbins Member
    Gary Robbins

    I voted for Martha McSally.  However Sinema won solely due to Trump, and the need to put a check on Trump.  At the same time Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey won by a landslide.  Arizona had not elected a Democrat to a statewide race in 10 years.  Last Tuesday, Arizona elected four Democrats to statewide offices, and rejected the Trump wing of the Republican Party.

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  2. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    Yeah! Thor isn’t anything like some god, unlike those DC comics! It amazes me how seriously people take some of this stuff. Several years ago I had to quit reading slashfilm for a while with how seriously everyone was taking The Watchman super seriously. I mean what if there were super heros.? … Definitely an important topic to think about …

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