Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are pleased to see Pat Toomey and Marco Rubio in stronger positions in their key Senate races.  They also shred Pres. Obama’s patently dishonest speech calling Obamacare a great success, proposing more government involvement, and demonizing Republicans.  And they groan as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can’t even do humor well at the Al Smith dinner.

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There are 4 comments.

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  1. Basil G Inactive
    Basil G

    Haven’t been able to get through a 3 martini podcast in a month.  Just tried again.  still no

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  2. Eustace C. Scrubb Member
    Eustace C. Scrubb

    Trump can make fun of his wife, but not of himself.

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  3. Chris Campion Coolidge
    Chris Campion

    That was a pretty interesting spread of lies from Barry.  Easily de-constructed but he spouts it anyway.

    But there’s only so much of that clown I can listen to.

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  4. Petty Boozswha Inactive
    Petty Boozswha

    I think the President that Obama will be most compared to by historians is Woodrow Wilson. Both were thin skinned, stiff-necked representatives of aggrieved minorities that eventually turned out to be failed Presidents, despite their gifts. Both were positive he had a monopoly on virtue and that any opposition had to be based on low motives. Wilson failed in getting the League of Nations approved despite the fact that he could have done so with two very minor, inconsequential concessions to the opposition, because to him opposition was immoral. Likewise Obama could have gotten 80 Republican votes for 80% of Obamacare, busted McConnell’s intransigence and been a very successful liberal had he had a different personality and mindset.

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