Join Jim and Greg as they are frustrated but not surprised that the U.S. intelligence community will not confirm or deny that COVID-19 is the result of a lab leak in Wuhan. They also blast Arnold Schwarzenegger for telling vaccine-hesitant Americans to “screw your freedom” and follow the advice of health experts. And they throw up their hands at government incompetence as just 10 percent of federal rent relief passed eight months ago has actually been handed out.

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  1. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    I agree that Arnold’s statement will just harden the hearts of anti-vaxxers.

    But his statement is an example of what a lot of people think.  They see people who don’t want to wear a mask, or take a vaxxine as fools or evil.  Those people justify their actions as supporting freedom.  In the eyes of many pro-vaxxers, this is discrediting the idea of freedom.  Many of those people already favor rule by experts.  These technocrats have a lot of power and this gives them added incentive to restrict freedoms.

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  2. WilliamDean Coolidge

    Pangolins is practically chickens.

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  3. kedavis Coolidge

    Somehow, if someone asked me to produce highly technical documents on any subject, including bio-research, I don’t think I would say “they should be in Mandarin.”

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  4. kedavis Coolidge

    Does Jim not realize that he listed the exact reasons why the “intelligence community” would lie if they did find out that China is directly responsible for covid?

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